Glowing Testimonial

We have hundreds of five-star reviews on Facebook and Google and we appreciate them all. This one – posted on Google by Christina Levitan of Nahua, NH – really says it all. Thank you, Christina!

“We planned a trip to Rhode Island just to visit Newport Car Museum! We visited during the Hoods Up Weekend event for my birthday. They do the Hoods Up event once a month and it was DEFINITELY worth the 3 hour drive to come and see! They had quite an array of cars to view as well as many employees that were always readily available, should you wish to ask any questions about any car. They were quite knowledgeable, and I enjoyed talking with them.

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are a Chevy person or a Ford person. People come here together to unite as one and put their differences aside to truly enjoy all the beauty bestowed upon us in the car world. There is a nice sitting area as well, and a small area to enjoy a coffee and reading materials. There is also a car simulation room for adults and kids. There are staff to help everyone who wishes to try their hand at a race. It was a really nice visit, and we also were able to purchase many things in the Newport Car Museum gift shop. Overall, we really enjoyed their Ford collection and were quite grateful we were able to attend the Hoods Up weekend event and strongly encourage others to also consider visiting this museum.”