A Photographer’s Dream

While the Newport Car Museum is an avowed “car lovers’ paradise,” it’s also an absolute Car Heaven for photographers. Theatrical stage lighting; the absence of crowd barriers and low platforms for unobstructed access; and rich colors on the cars as well as walls lend to the making of magic with a camera. Of course, not to be diminished is the fact that more than 90 rare, exotic and classic cars – curated to tell the story of modern automotive history and displayed in Six Galleries and a Pop-Up Porsche Exhibit – provide enough subject matter to keep one’s lenses busy for hours.

Photos by Dennis Hussey

We often receive fun photos from our visitors, and the absolutely amazing ones we call “fan favorites” and share with followers. These photos from Dennis Hussey are over-the-top slick, even though he swears his photography is simply a hobby. “I utilize antique and vintage lenses adapted for my full frame Canon 6D digital SLR to give a different look,” he explains.

Photos by John Lincourt

John Lincourt is indeed a professional photographer who has been meaning to stop by the Museum for years. When he finally made it, he said: “All I can say is WOW!!!! You guys have done an outstanding job…yes the cars are beautiful, but you have done an outstanding job presenting them.”

Thank you, Dennis and John, for sharing your unique perspective on all that is beautiful at the Newport Car Museum!

To see Dennis Hussey’s full portfolio of Newport Car Museum photos on Flickr, go to https://bit.ly/3k82An7

To see John Lincourt’s photos on facebook (@JohnLincourtPhotography), go to https://bit.ly/3zK8l30