March 9th – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 9th, 2018

● Engine – 3.8 liter, flat-6

● Horsepower – 420 hp at 6500 rpm

● Transmission – 7-speed manual

● 0-60 time – 3.8 seconds

● Top speed – 187 mph

● Color – “Paint to Sample” Viper Green.

● MSRP price – $127,510.00

The Targa has been a stalwart of the Porsche 911 lineup since 1967 when Porsche – in anticipation of rollover safety requirements that would make it difficult to sell convertibles in the U.S. – added a distinctive stainless steel-clad roll bar to the 911.

Instead of a fully retractable top, the Targa sported a re-movable center panel and a plastic rear window. It remained in the 911 lineup through 1989.

Based on the latest all-wheel drive 911(known as the 991), the new Targa, re-introduced in 2015, pays homage to the original design but with a brushed aluminum roll bar, an all-new roof technology and a distinctive curved-glass rear window.

When stowing the top, the Targa’s clamshell rear hatch moves up and back to form a Z shape.Two flaps on the sides of the Targa roll bar shoot open, and the top folds back to stow behind the rear seats underneath the glass. The flaps then close as the clamshell comes back down into position. The process, truly mechanical madness to watch, takes 20 seconds to complete!

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